News from MTC Libraries Outcome - World Book and Copyright Day 2024 @ MTC Libraries

Good afternoon, MTC Libraries user community (students & staff)


Between 24-30 April of this year, MTC Libraries celebrated World Book and Copyright Day (WBD) worldwide with other libraries, booksellers, publishers, authors and readers by way of a competition.


Please see attached the solution to the 2024 WBD Quiz - download it here.


A few snippets of information about this year’s competition are:

i) the valuable participation of our students, administrative and lecturing staff amounted to 73 quizzes being submitted … appreciated!

ii) an occasional mismatch between author and title, and most applicable words encircled, it seems as if the anagram section was a killer … however, allowing some leeway per quiz, around two-thirds of participants submitted adequate quizzes

iii) the Pretoria Campus submitted half of the completed quizzes, and achieved its victory with 20 suitably completed quizzes …

Congratulations! to the Pretoria Campus having now an opportunity to expand its library collection with a book of its choice from available publishers’ catalogues … to be arranged in due course.